Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a Quickie

Hey guys,
So the big move is tomorrow!!! OMG!
Nervous, excited, dreading...all in one. I think living in a big house, all by myself for the summer will be fun. Although I anticipate I will be calling the boy from time to time to come check the closets...

I have pretty much everything packed, and all the boys recruited. My friends are so nice, so I will be rewarding them with beer and pizza tomorrow after the move. The boy and 3 of our friends are coming to help haul my stuff.

So, today, I slept until 2...then I vegged on the couch, then I packed, then I ate another grilled cheese sandwich (can you tell I am low on groceries)....then I vegged some more, switched vehicles with the boy, and then am now at work. At work so far I have eaten Campbells vegetable and barely soup with crackers and a granny smith apple.

Crappy eats, I know. So sorry for being a bad bad blogger today. With moving I am just a little overwhelmed.

So in the morning when I get home from work I will wake the boy up, we will pick up the moving truck, pick up our friends, then move my shiat. I gotta cram it all into my room I am staying in because the house won't be cleaned until Saturday. Oh well night at the boys, so tomorrow although I will read, I won't post until probably Sunday.

Have a wicked weekend everyone!!!

Few last things;
Some more give aways!! WOOT WOOT!
Go see Iowa Girl for some wonderful eats


Go see Choosing Raw for your chance at a spiralizer

Also, have been receiving a few questions about the 'boy'....

dun dun dun....

lol, he is my boyfriend, we will have been dating officially for one year in August, and unofficially for a year in June. May post a 'how we met' story in blogs to come.