Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey everybody!!!

I still have not been able to get into a routine yet!

Does anyone else out there find that if your house is a mess you're a mess?!

Well the house I have been staying in for the summer, has been under construction for the whole 3 and a half months I have been there. It's seriously driving me mental. I just can't seem to get organized around it. Everytime I get home, it seems like I need to clean up after the construction workers, only to have them walk all through my house in their dirty boots tomorrow.

Oh well, rant over!

So I have been a busy bee this month so far, well since my last post at least.

I promise, since I am blogging from work, when I get home I will post pictures!!
I had stellar amounts of fun at the Bachelorette party I attended, and last weekend was the wedding, August 8th, it turned out to be a gorgeous day, and finding a dress for myself went less painful than anticipated.

(not so good quality)

But that's me (left) and the bride and friend and bridesmaid. We needed to capture the moment of us girls in dresses. We're all on the same co-ed hockey team, and it's not often our friends catch us so dolled up!

Summer hockey is coming to a close soon. Start semi-final playoffs for co-ed ball hockey, ladies ball hockey, AND ice hockey today. I play at 2, 5, and 8:30. And since I work 6-2, I'm going to be one grumpy goose!

Oh well, once I am home and showered up, I'll jump on this ol' internet and post some sweet pics.

Hope I didn't lose all of you in my hiatus, I swear I only lost my brain for the summer.

And a little side stressor!! I leave for vacation 21-28th, leaving me 2 days before I leave to pack my house up, clean the house I am moving into, and move the majority of my things!!

I have a 10k race the 29th in Toronto. Underwear Affair. Please, if you'd like, go to and type in Danielle Lapierre and sponsor me! 10k race to find a cure for cancers below the belt!

Then it's back to the summer sublet in the wee hours of the night on the 29th, and finish moving the 30th and 31st if need be. I'd like to be out as quickly as possible as my sister comes down the 29th, and her friends all move into the house that weekend. I'd really like to miss that chaos!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guess Who's Back?! Back Again....

Hello my dear friends!

I know, I have been so MIA it's ridiculous, but I swear I have great reasons.

I took about 2 months off from blogging. My life just became a little too busy to fit blogging in. In the past 2 months I have moved, dealt with the hassle of moving into a house with a slumlord (as in I was locked out numerous times, had my water shut off, kitchen removed), a bit of boy trouble (very sad), working full-time, working and studying for police test and just life in general.
But while I was gone, I turned 22 (May 12), and graduated university (June 11). So all in all the summer so far has been good.

So everything else is still pretty much the same. I am working full-time as security, playing ball hockey, ice hockey, and soccer. I also just joined a yoga studio! OMG love it so far, I really need to increase my upper body strength and this has really been kicking my butt (or should I say arms).

Also, I booked my police test (end of July) and have started studying, I am super nervous, but excited.
And lastly, I just inherited a new kitten. He was abandoned in a park, 8 weeks old, with no one around. So I took him in, could not say no to the fury little face and send him to a shelter! I have had him now for about two weeks! He really is the devil. Always wants to play, sooo energetic. My other cat, as previously noted on the blog, Princess, has not quite take a liking to him yet. Hopefully they will become good friends. I think I am going to name him Leo, was going to go with Lucifer, because I seriously think he's a devil child (jokes)!
So, that's my brief catch-up on the two months ish.

So I have been trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible when one works 40 + hrs a week. I have been running, rollerblading, and soaking up the sun at the beach as much as possible, but the weather has just not been co-operating! It's been such a rainy summer......
I haven't eaten anything especially noteworthy in the last two months that I can recall, but I do have a few recipes I am anxious to try over the next few weeks.
My sister, who also goes to the same University I went to is coming to visit. I am living in her student house for the summer. So I am very excited for this visit, 4 full days of doing whatever us sisters want! I foresee, beach, hikes, bar, and shopping! Oh so indulgent!!
Today I am working all day! 0600-1600hrs. Bit of a long day, since I didn't get off work until midnight last night, blech. Ah well I will nap as SOON as I get home tonight, because tonight I will need all the energy I have possible for a bachelorette party!!!! WOO!!!! Can't wait.
Anyways, I will leave you all with that. Hopefully you all can forgive me, and my absence and I promise pictures of cute kittens, and bachelorette fun, and many other randomness adventures in life and food and fitness to come.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a Quickie

Hey guys,
So the big move is tomorrow!!! OMG!
Nervous, excited, dreading...all in one. I think living in a big house, all by myself for the summer will be fun. Although I anticipate I will be calling the boy from time to time to come check the closets...

I have pretty much everything packed, and all the boys recruited. My friends are so nice, so I will be rewarding them with beer and pizza tomorrow after the move. The boy and 3 of our friends are coming to help haul my stuff.

So, today, I slept until 2...then I vegged on the couch, then I packed, then I ate another grilled cheese sandwich (can you tell I am low on groceries)....then I vegged some more, switched vehicles with the boy, and then am now at work. At work so far I have eaten Campbells vegetable and barely soup with crackers and a granny smith apple.

Crappy eats, I know. So sorry for being a bad bad blogger today. With moving I am just a little overwhelmed.

So in the morning when I get home from work I will wake the boy up, we will pick up the moving truck, pick up our friends, then move my shiat. I gotta cram it all into my room I am staying in because the house won't be cleaned until Saturday. Oh well night at the boys, so tomorrow although I will read, I won't post until probably Sunday.

Have a wicked weekend everyone!!!

Few last things;
Some more give aways!! WOOT WOOT!
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Also, have been receiving a few questions about the 'boy'....

dun dun dun....

lol, he is my boyfriend, we will have been dating officially for one year in August, and unofficially for a year in June. May post a 'how we met' story in blogs to come.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day!

Hey guys,
How was everyone's hump day?
Mine was good, I slept until 2ish today. Sleeping during the day is never a very good sleep, but at least I got about 6 hrs!
So, when I woke up I moved from my bed to the couch, HA! I spent the afternoon reading your blogs and surfing the net. I also had a lovely phone call from my mom! She misses me, I miss her too, a trip home is needed soon!

Anyways, for lunch(?) early dinner I had a grilled cheese sandwich! YUM! along with a piece of cheese and two cookies I had made a few days ago.
Then I went to the boys, I realized I am pretty much out of food, and I was bored.

So I drove there, usually takes about 20minutes. But, the only way to get there (Niagara on the Lake) is to cross one of two bridges. You have to drive over the canal (Welland) where big boats are always passing through. I got stuck at the bridge, it was up and a big boat was going through. It is always neat to see, these boats are huge and seriously only have like a foot of room on each side, but this added 20 minutes to my trip. Oh well!!
The boy made me cheese tortelini, omg it was soooo good.
Salad on the side:
Later on I snacked on a banana and we shared some popcorn. (may or may not have eaten it before I remembered to snap pictures)
We just hung out for the night, talked and watched T.V. Then I headed to a friends around 1am and am now home (3am). I am trying to maintain my midnight schedule as I do go back in tomorrow night (not that I am even tired anyways).

So hope everyone is making fun plans for the weekend, I need to spend tomorrow packing every little last detail of my house :S!!! And I found out that I can move my stuff in Friday, but I can't stay there because they are having the house professionally cleaned (sweet) on Saturday. But that leaves me homeless for the night, good thing the boy was like obvi you can stay at my place (his parents). I don't usually stay there, respecting parents wishes and such, but they made an exception in this case.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 down 2 to go (and more giveaways)

Hey guys,
This is just a quick post. I am at work, forgot my camera, I took pictures (I think) of some of what I consumed today.
So this morning I got home, ate half a bagel (pretty picture to come) and put myself to sleep with Twilight (drool <3) haha!

I had just fallen asleep, my rommie bangs on my door at 11am!!! OMG I was furious! She wanted me to move my car (we have a 5 car wide driveway) so she could park closer to the door because she was moving (her car was beside mine). Now inside I was boiling mad! I don't know why, I think mainly because I was so tired and had just fallen asleep, and she couldn't walk the extra 2 steps to her car to put her things in. But of course, I just moved my car and jumped back into bed. We didn't have much of a goodbye, I had written her a little good bye note and left it on the fridge. She'll be back in 2 weeks to celebrate her birthday, so hopefully we'll be good friends again (sometimes you just can't live with your friends)

So I woke up periodically throughout the day, packed a little, cleaned a little, and put most of my packed up boxes in the living room so they are easy to move out (picture of all my packed junk to come, seriously a sight). I think I have a 'pack rat' problem! haha! I purged myself of a lot of stuff, and think I need to do it more. I feel so overwhelmed moving, I can furnish a whole house :S (2 couches, entertainment unit, tv, bed, dresser, desk, bookshelf, all the kitchen appliances and utensils) Just seems like a lot of stuff to me, oh well I think I am just anxious (I am moving to my sister's student house, 6 bedrooms, and I am the only one staying there this summer, then in Sept I'll move again, just not sure where yet).

The boy and I had friends to my house for dinner, despite the disaster state of boxes. We had pasta with alfredo sauce and scallops. YUM! So good, it was nice to relax and catch up, they are such a cute couple.

They left and I tried to relax and now I am at work. I did not bike today, was just not feeling it. I even downed an energy drink just to sustain myself, and am about to make some really cafenated green tea.

Anyways thanks for reading my rant today. I'll be back with pictures when I get home from work!

PS I don't work nights tomorrow!!!! :D, a guy needed a shift change, so I have tomorrow night off, back in Thursday night, then in Saturday 1-9pm for the guy (he can have my midnight shift any time and i'll take an easy afternoon!!)

Have an awesome hump day tomorrow!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Week of Midnights :(

Hey guys,
So I left you off Sunday evening. My roommate, her boy, our friend, and my boy all went out for dinner as it was one of her last nights!!! It was a cute place called Cat's Caboose. They have a $5.00 menu on Sunday's, but you have to buy a drink. So it still works out to be cheaper than usual because their portion sizes don't change with the price. So I ordered the chicken cesar wrap with buffalo chips and a 7-up. OMG delicious. I had only planned on eating half of the wrap, but when it finally got to the table and in my mouth I had to eat it all.

I took no picture because they would all think I was nuts. But after dinner I headed home to relax before work. Last night went well, just soo long. While at work I ate half a chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce and a pear. Around 6am I made myself eat cheese and crackers because if I don't eat I always wake up with wicked hunger pains in the middle of the morning.

So I got home 730am ish and hit my bed, but couldn't sleep until almost 9, gah! And go figure I still woke up with wicked hunger pains at noon, I ate a nutrigrain bar, drank some water, but for the life of me could NOT fall back asleep... :( I was so sad. So all day I packed!!!

I eventually took a break from packing and made breakfast. 3 scrambelled eggs and 2 pieces of ww toast with jam!
YUMMY, then I spent the rest of the day packing. I then had a fruit smoothie before ball hockey. Ball hockey as always was awesome, but my hip and knee pain has come back with a vengeance! I almost want to cry it hurts to much. The muscles of my upper butt and surounding my hip joint are swollen, and rather than a sore muscle pain they feel like burning! And the back of my knee feels like something is pinching I can't bend or extend, or lift without mega pain. So hopefully this all goes away soon!

After ball hockey I made dinner.....trying to get rid of all my food as a I move Friday!!!!

I ended up having steak (left over from dinner at the boys the other day) and some sidekicks, and a salad!
(picture got deleted at work)
Then I showered, made the peanut butter squares featured on Bec's blog (1c pb, 1/2 sugar, 1 egg & chocolate chips)

and sat around...and then biked the 2km to work. Now I am at work wishing I was sleeping, so tired. Shift work will be the death of my body, lol!

Anyways since I should probably go be productive, I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I will be back tomorrow (hopefully after more sleep)


-I meant to post this while at work, but for some reason I couldn't get the pictures working, and I lost one. So, now it is 0724hrs and I am just getting home, it was a nice bike ride, but really windy!
I am going to go shower, make and eat a bagel and then put myself to sleep a la Twilight:)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Night out!

Hey Guys,
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I certainly have had a busy one.
So back tracking to yesterday, I worked a super long day 12pm-10pm.
I made a smoothie before work but was out of berry juice, so I used the last of my mixed berries and added peach juice. It was disgusting! I regretted adding peach juice, instead of just buying more red juice. oh well live and learn.
I packed a lunch before I left and headed to work.
When I got there I ate the apple-cinnamon oatmeal I had packed, as well as had a left over slice of pizza from the party the day before.
Work was so-so, we had one arrest, and a couple complaints, nothing out of the norm.
Later on I had chicken and potatoes for dinner, was delish! One of my fav meals seriously, so plain and simple but I just love it.
I bought a few groceries at work, I didn't want to buy anything before I moved, but I can't live without smoothies!
-Frozen berries
-Oasis juice
-Frozen juice (for mixing last night)
-All dressed chips

So while at work, after we locked everything up I decided to do my hair for going out, so I didn't have to do it when I got home! haha.
So this is me, well part of me, getting ready to do my hair in the office bathroom. My uniform makes me look huge! haha!!
So, I i got home a few mins after 10, I may have left a couple mins early and flew home. I poured myself a lovely bacardi and grape punch drink (haha i know sugar overload) then got myself into a dress and sat down with my friends. We munched on all dressed chips and drank our hearts out until it was time to go to the bar. In essence I only had about 4 shots of bacardi in two drinks, and at the bar had 2 shots of tequila. I am a lightweight, plus I don't drink often to begin with.
So we spent the night dancing away, it was great. I even resisted after-bar food! I was sooo proud of myself. I waited till I got home and had a bagel with cream cheese. Filling, yet not greasy fries or burgers or sausages that everyone else got!!!!
So this morning, well afternoon, I woke up a few times, but never got out of bed until 2! Told you I was a lightweight haha. I am not hung over, I am just not energetic. But I had a ball hockey game today at 3, I played so well!!! Had so many chances to score, but just never finished. I hit the post twice, but I did get 3 assists. We won 5-0. We are currently in second place. We only had 3 girls so I didn't get much rest, I love that feeling. I could run sprints around the hockey arena forever!

Anyways now I am home, had a fruit smoothie (same one I have had before in this blog) and then I am going to shower, and have a salad and just relax.

My roommate and a few friends and I are going out for dinner, but not till late so my salad should hopefully tide me over.


Friday, April 24, 2009


OMG the weather is gorgeous! WOW!
It was amazing today, I walked outside to check the temp and ran in to find summer clothes!!!
So, today I had to go to a 'going away' lunch at work. Two of the guys got hired with two different police services. YAY for them. They served pizza, wings, and cake. Oh god, haha not good food, but sooo tasty. I had two small pieces of pizza and a few wings with carrots and celery on the side.

I got to wear a cute denim skirt, tank and cardigan! Loved this weather today.

After the lunch I head to the boy's house. We hung out for the afternoon, then made a delicious summer dinner. We bbq'd steak, shrimp, and made sweet potato fries. It was sooo good!
I regret not having a salad a little, but oh well I'll make up for it tomorrow.
Check out the boy's fat cat Furball, haha!
Tonight I decided just to stay in. I packed a little here and there, I should do some laundry but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do that. I baked chocolate chip cookies (the light version)
they are yummy but I am glad we're having ppl over tomorrow or else I would devour them all myself!!! Thus I am snack on baby carrots as a snack instead of more cookies.
Anyways, I'm off for a little late night rollerblade before I crash!

Anyone have good weekend plans?

I work tomorrow 12-10, then heading out for a night on the town with friends, Sunday ball hockey, then I work midnights Sun. night until Thurs haha!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Greys Night :)

I think this is the first time I have actually sat down and watched Grey's at home...weird...I usually just catch it online.

Well since I left you last I have done nothing! It feels sooooo GREAT to just relax. I watched Underworld II and had lunch. Bowl of tomato soup with some shredded cheese,
half of a banana chocolate chip muffin (I think it was starting to go bad, wasn't very good)
and the last of my strawberries. Yum!
Other then that I have just been surfing the net, casually picking up around the house, got a few boxes out to pack, and watched some T.V with a few stretches and random exercises inbetween. I was going to go to the gym and just hit up the elliptical but decided against and will go in the morning. My week of not running is almost over and my hip/knee are feeling about 1000 times better, even after doing legs yesterday!!! I just keep stretching it out, my knee still kills, but is improving.

Now I just had dinner and am watching Grey's!!!! A solidly good day!
I may or may not have gobbled up all the veggies before I remembered to take a picture (mixed veggies; green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots; half a chicken breast; and some potatoes)

After Grey's, is private practice DUH! But then I am not sure what I am doing. A few friends and my roomie are going to a bar near by I might meet up with them later, I will not be drinking tonight but I think the walk over there would be nice. I usually head to a friend's with some of the guys from work, have mentioned them a few times before. We usually hang out at god awful hours of the night, but one of them is sick!!! So, looks like we're just going to do different things tonight.

Anyways, Hope you guys had a fantastic day and I will catch up with you all tomorrow.

Can you spot the cat?

Hey everybody!
It's almost the weekend! Which I am sure lots of you are looking forward to, but me, well I work all weekend, so oh well I am enjoying the week!

So I woke up today, lounged around. Realized that my roommate and I are having friends over this weekend, and our house is a disaster! She never cleans, ever. Myself on the other hand, a little cleaner. I have become accustomed to the slight cluttered/messyness of student living, but cannot handle visible dirt! So I took a whole half hour and swept the whole house. Next up just going to wipe down all the surfaces, probably only another half hour. So in total, I will have probably spent an hour tidying up to make our house semi-presentable.

Anyone else a little anal on the cleanliness? I am not a neat freak, just can't have other people in my house when it's a disaster.

Other then that, I ate an apple, did 20 minutes of yoga (Polly's yoga for runners and then yoga for triathletes) Felt GREAT!

Now, I am sitting here starving and wondering what to eat. Probably some left over tomato soup and cheese, and not sure what else because I know for sure that will NOT fill me up.

Funny thing, when I woke up, I couldn't find my cat anywhere, but while doing yoga I spotted her!
Can you see her?
No? Here's a closer look.
And a little closer (she's black and blends in) That's my junk chair, it's my project for the day to put everything in a box to be packed, or in it's place if I still need to use it.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I ended up having such a lovely day.
On my way to the gym, after my apple my stomach was still screaming feed me, so I grabbed 4 yogurt covered pretzels to tide me over.

Work out was good! I did:
10mins on the stationary bike for a warm up (burned 75 cals).
Squats (15 with just the bar, 15 with 10 on each side, and 15 with 15 on each side).
Lunges (20lbs, and 20 of them) was going to do more, but I just hate them!
Dead lifts (15 with 30lbs, 30 with 45lbs).
Stair machine (15 mins) then I got bored
Planks (on elbows) 1x45secs, 2x30sec
Side planks (on elbows) each side for 25secs
15 reverse crunches

then lots of stretching!!!!

Bussed home then made this delicious fruit smoothie.

Then showered and made some fish and rice and a lovely salad (Italian green mix, cucumber and carrots, with a little drizzle of baslamic vinagrette!

Sucks, I'm still hungry! Going to wait it out, then maybe have a half a bagle with PB!

I was going to watch Underworl II but the boy stopped by. But i'm heading to a friends have a great night everybody.

Happy Earth Day!

Hope everyone's "hump day" is going quickly!
Mine is going well, I have done pretty much nothing!! But before I get onto today, I'll finish up yesterday.

I ended up heating up left over hamburger for the boy and I yesterday afternoon (late).
They were delicious. His mom makes them and freezes them for me, so nice:). We also snack on some fresh strawberries!

So, he and I hung out in the livingroom watching some mindless T.V. for about 45 minutes before my mom and sister stopped by. My mom drove down to pick my sister up because she is going home for the summer. It was a good visit, but much to short! So I think the boy and I will be making a trip up north sometime soonish.

So, after my mother and sister got back on the road, the boy and I were heading to his house so he could study some more. But, before I could leave I found the mysteriously hidden magic bullet and made a fruit smoothie!!!!! YUM! I added frozen berries (black, rasp, blue, and straw) and some fruit juice. OMG, I love fruit smoothies.

So, when we got to his house, his mom fed us some chicken and potatoe wedges. YUM! I wasn't that hungry so I didn't eat very many.

Then he studied a little, but not for long. We ended up watching Rocky IV. My boy LOVES these movies, not for the boxing part, but for the life lesson parts, so he says. I don't mind them, this one was probably my fav. so far. During the movie I snack on two cookies.
Mindless snacking but they were so good!

Eventually he studied some more and I watched online tv and snack on a bowl of popcorn. :)
Ball hockey rocked, as usual. Played a slightly aggressive team, I got smoked from behind, my back hurts today, but oh well part of them game. We won 5-0, I didn't score but got a few assits.

After hockey, I went back to the boys (I had his car) and then we headed to my house. I showered and the boy had a friend over. We all had a good chat, it was nice to catch up. I snacked on some tomato soup with left over tortellini noodles mixed in.
Good and filling for the rest of the night. To finish the night off we watched some TV, did nothing special and went to bed.

So, today! The weather sucks, again! Oh well. I woke up around noon, my goal of sleeping in was successful. I snacked on a handful of dark chocolate m&m's and half a bagle with strawberry cream cheese.

After I headed back to my bed and watched Underworld. I really enjoy that movie. So now, I just snacked on an apple and another small handful of m&m's and am getting ready to head to the gym.
Going to hammer out a lower body workout, half hour on the step machine (never tried it before) . I forgot my new orthotics at work, so I can't run. Going to try new cardio endeavours today and pick up my orthotics tomorrow I think.

All day I am running through ideas to use up all the food left in my house before I move May 1, but I am getting all excited to bu and try new foods! Going to try and incorporate more greens (kale, spinach) oats, and veggies into my diet. But I don't have the grocery budget and or room until I move so, using up what i got and when I move man do I have a monster grocery list!
Excited :)

Anyways, gotta catch the bus to the gym!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy Again :(

Hey everyone,
Hope your Tuesday is rockin'.

Before I get onto today, I'll update everyone on yesterday.

So Monday, not always a bad day, but blah! When it's pouring rain, and cloudy, and dark, I never want to get out of bed. But I got up, made the boy get up, then we went and picked my sister up in her res and headed to his house. We had a late lunch there of tortellini and pesto sauce, yum! Not photographed, sorry, didn't bring camera to his house.

After that, my sister and I headed to the mall for shopping!!!!
It was great, we didn't shop for long, but it was much needed retail therapy. I bought a couple summer dress and a few tanks. Just a little to update my non-existent summer wardrobe.

At the mall my sister and I grabbed a sub from Subway, we were starving! All that walking around and trying things definitely works up one's appetite.

So after shopping, we ate the subs at my house then I drove her back to res. I was about to settle in for a night of relaxing when my cell phone started going crazy! Text from the boy begging for study help, of course I caved and went over to help him. But then a few different friends were having people over to celebrate school being over and such. So I went to the boys for a bit, helped him out, then went to a friends and then to a bar called Chilli Pepper. Bar was fun, saw a few friends, had 1 beer and 1 mixed drink and then headed home.

At home I got all ready for bed, was watching tv and about to pass out. The darn boy calls and can't sleep so he's coming over. He can't sleep,,,,but what about me?!! Haha, I was ALMOST asleep. Oh well, he came over, we talked, well he talked I mumbled in my half asleep state. Then eventually I think I passed out and he did, well I am not sure what he did.

So, today I woke up and didn't do much. Fumbled around the house, picked some things up, packed a few things, threw a few things out and such. I snacked on a Kashi cherry and chocolate chip bar. Then, I went to the bookstore to sell back a few books. JEEPERS! Buying books in university is such a rip off! GAH! I sold back about 7 books and only got $58.00. Sucks when I spent at least $300.00 on those books. Not to mention they didn't buy back 6 of my other books I wanted to sell. I am keeping a few books, but wanted to sell some of my elective ones.

So, I reeeeeeally wanted a fruit smoothie, but my roommate must have packed her magic bullet or something, I can't find it, and she's napping so I can't ask. Maybe my sister will lend me hers for the summer so I don't go in withdrawal. So, since I can't have a fruit smoothie, I snacked on a piece of frozen chocolate bunny (all solid easter bunnies I get, I break into pieces and freeze),
and now am off to have a left over hamburger.

I will be back later on most likely, am going to do NOTHING all day, well relax, nap, watch TV since it's so crappy out, then I have ball hockey game later tonight followed by a ton of yoga because my muscles are soooo tight, yikes.

Side note:
I'll leave you with a few pictures of my adorable cat! Everytime I am blogging or reading, she is always cuddling!

Also, when I came home from work Saturday night, I was met with this little guy outside of my door. After I screamed a little, I took a picture haha!


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am no longer MIA! I am FREE!!!!!! So I left everyone off Thursday afternoon, well after that I hit up the library and then came home and crashed. Friday I fiddled around, studied some, and had ball hockey! We won! 2-0! It rocked, I love it. But, my knees have been shot ever since. So a little break from running on hard ground is in need I believe. Saturday I had my last exam ever. It went so-so. But I am done university, and cannot wait until graduation (June 11).

After my exam Saturday, I had to work 1-9 at the mall, then 10-3 at the bar. Catch is, Friday night I did NOT sleep at all! It was terrible, I was studying, reading, tried to go to bed after hockey around 1230 but could not sleep. So, I read my notes, read a book, and nothing. The boy came over around 430am and I wasn't tired at all, so we talked till he fell asleep, then it was 6:20 and my alarm was going off in 20minutes, SO! I just stayed up. I wrote my exam, came home got my work stuff and headed from one job to the next utterly exhausted!

After work Saturday (which was eventful) some of the guys from work came over and didn't leave until like 5am! I was just sooo tired by then. I crashed and didn't move all night lol!

Now today, I work 12-8 and it was the slowest day of life. Nothing happened! Which was kind of nice since I was still so tired. so tonight I am going to tidy a little, detox my things in preparation to move, and just veg on the couch!

I am too tired to write more, so tomorrow I will be back with a vengeance of food and exercise and life!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

So close I can see the end

Hey all...
So I am exhausted, but can see the end of my university career so also very excited!
I handed in my final paper ever yesterday morning at 8:30...yes, that mean I stayed up all night writing it. Which is ok, because I think it turned out great!

All night I snacked on oranges and oatmeal cookies! So around 9am Wednesday I crashed until 2pm. I slowly dragged myself outta bed, and made some delish apple cinnamon oatmeal! Yum, love it. Then I headed to work.

While at work, I ate some nutrigrain bars, left over chicken parm sandwich from dinner the night before, and a few easter treats. Sad thing is, I went to bed Wed. morn a little stuffy and woke up worse! I was getting progressively worse while at work, it was terrible. All shift I just wanted to go to sleep. So when I got off work at 11, I came straight home, popped some advil cold and sinus and put some pj's on and got into bed. I couldn't sleep! OH NO! Terrible, so I re-read the third Twilight book (in love) and around 4am I drank neocitrine and had some more apple cinnamon oatmeal, and eventually passed out.

So, now it's Thursday I woke up at noon, and wish I could sleep more. Its gorgeous outside and I think a little walk might help, but I have no voice, stuffy face, and a headache,,,gah!

So I'm eating a nutrigrain bar and resting. Soon I'll make a more substantial meal and walk to the library to study since my exam is Saturday.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I don't take them when at work, and have been eating from my bed since my body's so tired.

But tomorrow I look forward to ball hockey (maybe I can run the sickness out?!?!?!) and then my final university exam Saturday!!! home free so soon! yay!

A little news, I start full-time at my security job in a week Sunday. I work my last part-time shift this Sunday and get a whole week off to relax, run, celebrate! I am so happy I got full-time, eases the financial nerves a little while I start taking the police tests and preparing my self for the hardest interviews of my life!

Anyways, off for a quick nap before the library!
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, only one more day till the weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Home Safe and Sound

Well let's just say I do not want to sit in my car for a while!
My sister and I made good time back to school last night, we left around 5pm and made it back to St. Catharines around 11! I think I may or may not have sped just a little.

Anyways, I pretty much just went to bed after unloading my car, I was exhausted. And today I woke up ate some oats and drank some green tea and got my butt into the library! I have an essay due tomorrow at noon. I didn't start writing till today. So at the library I snacked on some crackers and cheese and strawberries. I came home around 6:30 to change because we had a going away party for a friend tonight. He's heading to Alaska for 6months to work! Crazy, so we had a good time, I had a chicken parm sandwich, wow so good. I got home around 9ish and hit the books. I took a little break, but now I must finish this essay! I will be back in full swing tomorrow!

wish me luck (i'm 6 pages in for 10-15)!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter :)

Well it has certainly been a jam packed weekend back in my hometown. I believe I left off Friday morning before I went to bed. I didn't get much sleep, about 8am-1pm, then I jumped up and went to my grandparents house with my brother, sisters, and dad. It was fun, lots of catching up and a big spaghetti dinner with meatballs, yum! After that I went back to my mom's, did some homework and got ready for a night on the town!

Around 9ish that night I headed to a childhood friend's house with some other friends from highschool to start our night off. We drank, caught up, and snacked. We headed downtown (to one of a few) bar to see a local band play. It was good fun, saw lots of people whom I have not seen in ages! I took lots of pictures and will post a few when I get back home.

Funny story, I got my younger brother to pick myself, and a few friends up after the bar to drive us all home. And on the way to one of my friends houses we get pulled over. GAH! Poor kid, his first interaction with the police (he's 17), but luckily they were just doing random spot checks.

So, Saturday I woke up with a slight headache, I'm knocking this one up to dehydration though! Went out for an early lunch with siblings, dad and grandparents. It was delicious, a little too greasy, but still a good morning almost* hungover breakfast. I had ww toast with over-easy eggs and a had a few homefries.

After lunch I went to my friend Bec's with the intentions of going for a run, well it took us about an hour but her, her sister and I all got 6km under our belt. It felt awesome to get out there, and work off the liquid calories. We all went back to their house and helped decorate cupcakes! Yum, we may have also snacked on a few...soo good. You'll have to bug her for the recipe!

Saturday night, I went back to Bec's after dinner and homework for another little pre-drink then we hit up the other bar in town for a bit for a little bit of dancing and catching up. Good times, then of course we went to Subway. Renfrew tradition apparently, I then walked my pretty sobre butt home and went right to bed.

So my Easter day was delightful! Spent it at my mom's with the fam! We all woke up and had little baskets waiting for us, so cute! Little chocolate and a little candy. We then had a big ham, potatoe, veggie, and homemade bread dinner! WOW I love homecooking! Especially when I didn't cook it. And dessert was two of my favs!!! Cheesecake and carrot cake, woa! I definitely had a small sliver of each.

Other then that being home has been alright, I love catching up, but I can't wait to get back to my home and my bed, plus as hard as I try I don't seem to get enough homework done here :S yikes! Essay due Wednesday, will finish researching tomorrow and write all Tuesday night. I'm heading back home tomorrow night, so will update everyone with pictures Tues or Wed.

hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally at the Rents

Well, I can't remember at all where I left you last really....I have been sooo busy.
So some good news, at work I start full-time in two weeks (exactly the time I'll be done school) and got a raise, so at least I will be an employed university graduate. Some relief there.

Otherwise, Wednesday was spent researching for the afternoon then I work 1500-2300hrs, and then my roommate and I had some friends over that night. We hit up a local bar and I had wayyyy too many rum and pineapple night, the boy picked me up and I can't quite remember all the details between the pick up, food, and bed. All I know is I snacked on munchies, mainly chips and salsa, yum! And a big poutine after. But all is well. Thursday I woke up at 1300, re-hydrated and hammered out some research, packed, and worked 1700-0100hrs. After work I whipped home, fed the cat, grabbed my stuff, my sister and hit the road. It is now 0705hrs and I am finally home sweet home and ready to pass out for a quick nap before the Easter festivities.
Foodage these past few days included a few fruit smoothies, granola bars, dark chocolate m&ms, chippies and salsa, ww pasta and tomatoe sauce (x 2), oatmeal (duh), oranges and grapefruit and baby carrots!

I'm off to shower and nap before heading to the g-parents for visit and dinner, then hitting up a bar with some close friends! Finally!!!!

pictures soon to come of my adventures in the ottawa valley!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jam Packed Days

Well, sorry I have blogged since Saturday! OOPPS! I totally forgot to keep blogging.

Well Sunday morning I would have gotten off work at 7am, I then totally crashed until 2pm. Then I got up, and went to Ball Hockey! I love ball hockey, we won :) and I scored a goal :) It was a sweet game, a big 2-0 win!!! Although I was tripped and cut my knee up, the bruise just keeps getting more and more blue, yuk. After ball hockey, I came home, showered, made a fruit and juice smoothie and drove to the boy's house. Upon arrival his lovely mother had dinner waiting, what a lovely surprise! I was a chicken and veggie stir fry, it was sooo yum! Then I got down to business at about 6pm. I set myself all up at his desk and started working away. I got soooo much work done! I was so proud. That night myself, the boy, and two of our friends from work all went to the 10:20 show and saw the new Fast and the Furious. It was pretty decent, had a much better plot than all the other ones! At the theatre I got popcorn, I LOVE theatre popcorn. Looking back now, I really didn't seem to eat much that day! Wow, I know I snacked on an orange somewhere in there, but I guess working all night really messes with my schedule in all sorts of ways, appetite being a major one.

Monday, was a dreadful day weather wise, snow, rain, yuk! But I woke up around 11am, got my essay all finished up, and then my roommate and I traded and edited each others. So that took a while, and at 4pm I handed in both papers! Wow, was that ever a load off of my shoulders, one 15pager and one 12pager, jeesh. For the rest of Monday, I had a wicked headache, thus I watched 7 pounds with Will Smith, and just lounged! It felt great. I had a snack of 3 dill pickles, a popsicle and green tea.

Around 11pm I perked up a bit (i know I have the weirdest sleeping habits) and the boy and I went to a friends. We ended up watching Role Models at our friends. What a hilarious movie, not a real brainy movie, just dumb fun. Then home to bed we were around 5am.

Now onto today, my knees are killing me! Wow, ball hockey must have done a number. I don't even know what the part of my knee that hurts is called. It's just in the back of my knee, bending, moving, walking, ouch! So much for my planned run today. The rain/snow mess had let up and it was about -1 so I thought i would head out for a run before work, but nope I could barely walk. I did some yoga (about 30 mins) to try and stretch it out, but did not help at all. Oh well, today after I woke up I had to go to work at the mall.

We had a staff meeting/training day. The meeting was boring, didn't discuss anything too important, but they did feed us pizza and wings, exactly what I needed (not). Then we did scenario training. We discussed what we would/should do if there were a bomb threat/flood/hurricane/gunman/earthquake/etc. Our main focus was on fires, as that is the most likely to occurs, so we spent about an hour running around the mall (mostly the underground part where there are no customers) pulling fire alarms and finding the location via computer and reseting them. So that lasted about 5 hrs. I then stocked up on febreeze and face moisturizer from the grocery store and came home.

I made my sister some food, because she lives in residence and has a meal plan, but she is out of money. So I brought her a hamburder, some pancakes, and about 2-3 servings of pasta. She only has to survive until Thursday, when we head to our home town for easter.

So I just finished snacking on some yogurt and an orange....side note i really want to try greek yogurt everyone talks I am going to relax and watch some tv, maybe pack or get a little research done for my next paper...who knows!

I now know never to go so long without blogging, as it's always a heffer of a post when I return! I'm hoping my knee is better because I work tomorrow! Tomorrow will consist of upper and ab yoga and then work. Thursday I am hopefully going to a spin class rather than a run, and then i'm praying my knee is better for the weekend so I can run and Bec can kick my butt back into running shape!

I will blog tomorrow! hopefully! and will be back on track with food blogging pictures and ideas and hopefully my eating habits will be back on track.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Midnights Midnights

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Mine has been going smoothly. I worked last night 11-7 and not a thing went wrong! Perfect. While at work (sorry no pics) I snacked on some pineapple and fibre cereal. Then crashed this morning from 8-1230. Then I got up and made a big brunch for myself, my sister and our two friends. Consisted of pancakes (flour, soy milk, 1 egg, oil, and baking powder), bacon and sausage. It was so nice and filling, I even brought some to the boy.

I spent the afternoon at the boy's house. He dabbled on his computer all day, while I stared at my laptop at a loss for words, (so unusual of me). I eventually got just over 700 words written and a solid outline for my paper which hopefully I will get to about 2000 words tonight, and then implement quotes tomorrow and edit Monday. I find if I stick to a plan, and take breaks often I will get things done. I'm a fast worker when I'm in a groove but my attention span is not long.

While at the boys I snacked on an orange, and that's where I had my breakfast (a pancake, 2 sausages, and 2 pieces of bacon) with him.

Also, I watched Marley and Me as one of my breaks. WOW. I definitely cried...but I'm a suck for sappy movies, usually the only time you'll catch me crying. Reccomend this movie, but just so you know you're in for a sappy one.

So, now I am back at work 11-7, thus far it has been an extremely busy evening! WOW! The grocery store in the mall had a huge fire alam, 8 fire trucks, a commander all showed up and I was like uhhhh....crap! The grocery store has been having an alarm malfunction, and it just happened to go off again tonight, rats. At least it made the first 2 hrs of my shift fly by. Then when I came back to the office, I witness the police arrest 2 ppl at the bar that is also attatched to the mall! Talk about a busy start! The bar is having some party tonight (drink the pub dry) so I imagine it is only going to get busier with time.

Oh well, my plan is to finish my duties and hopefully get some more essay written. I'm sooo tired, but that's ok, I only have 5.5 hrs left to go :S....haha maybe my essay will keep me awake.

Anyways, off to do some real work now.
Hope everyone has a wicked end to their weekend and will try to post a brief one tomorrow!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday.... :|

Well it is Friday. Normally I would be ecstatic because it is the beginning of the weekend, but not today. It seems I don't get a break this week.

Today I slept in, it was lovely, I had about 8 full hours of sleep, and I feel wonderful. But, I hope that is enough to get me through this busy weekend.

Plan for today is finish summarizing my research, and get everything organized, then write out a plan for my essay. I have to take my sister to pick her friends up at the train station tonight around 7:30, and then she wants us all to go out for dinner...I'm not sure if I feel like going out tonight, or would just rather cook for them. We shall see. Then I start work at 11pm until 7am, where hopefully I can get a few paragraphs of my essay written (fingers crossed). Then Saturday, I hopefully will sleep until 2pm, and then Niagara Falls with the sister, the boy, and friends. Just for a little walk around, then back to my house where I'll cook them dinner and then hopefully get a little more work done on my essay before heading back to work 11pm -7am, where I'm praying I get more written. Then Sunday I'll sleep till 2ish I hope, ball hockey at 4, then dinner with the sis and friends and work on my essay all night, and it is due Monday, April 6th at 4:30pm.

I CAN DO IT!!!! that statement is going through my head constantly to keep me grounded and semi-focused.

Although, I am quite excited to see my sister's friends, I grew up with them as well they are just a year and a little younger, should be a fun weekend.

well, I think it's about time I stop procrastonating and get back to the research, and make some food, haven't eaten yet, totally forgot too. I'm hoping the rain disappears and it turns into a bright day! ha!

Will be back again later,
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh My Thursday!

Hey everyone,

So I left off last night when I went to the boys to get some work done. Well gladly I was pretty productive there. I worked solidly from 6pm until 12am. He made me pasta for dinner around 5:30, which was yummy. Then I got straight to business. At 12ish we headed to a friends and watched Religulous. Don't want to offend those out there who are religious or not, so am keep my opinions to myself, but it was an interesting take of a movie.

So I got home around 530am last night (or should I say morning) and passed right out and woke up today around 2.

So I hope you all had a lovely Thursday, it was gorgeous here! About +17! Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the lovely weather. I woke up today, and where did I go?!?! The LIBRARY! As if it wasn't obvious that the library is now where I spend my life. So I packed a lunch and got the boy to drop me off before he went home, so nice of him. Upon arrival I snacked on a granola bar and a pb and honey sandwich on ww. YUM!

Then I homeworked for a good 4 hrs before heading to my sisters (who lives on campus) for a little break where her and I snacked on some kielbasa, cheese, and crackers. Then around 8 I walked home and parked my butt on the couch and got back down to work. And the couch is where I remained until my roomie talked me into going to McDonalds with her, now, it has been a forever and some more since I have eaten McDonalds, so I caved. We walked about a km and a bit to the nearest one and ate it, but on the walk home and now I am paying for it, oh my, my tummy is mad.

This is why I rarely eat junk, it just does not make you feel good, more lathargic than energized. Oh well now that I am home I will remain on the couch doing homework for another hour or so, that's about all that I have left in me, where I plan to crash, as I have an early morning ahead of me.

I was sad today though, I usually play pick-up ice hockey with some guys from work, but today it was cancelled. I feel a little deprived of it. Oh well I will just have to try and fit something fun in tomorrow, as I find it very difficult to exercise while on midnights, plus it's crunch time for my two essays due Monday. So it looks like the bike to and from work might be all I'll get Saturday and Sunday.

Anyways, I just need to keep positive and productive and my essays will eventually be done and then I can breath, for a bit anyways. So back to homeworking I go.

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

ps. I didn't take pictures, one because I ate pretty boring today, and I didn't want everyone in the library staring at the girl who takes pictures of her food!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horray For April

April showers bring May flowers...right? Well I sure hope so, with all this rain we've been getting here, May better be glorious. So, as you can tell when I woke up today and looked outside it was pouring rain! Terrible. So I trudged to school all dreary and groggy. Although when I got to school I remembered yay, two things, last class in university ever, and it was party day! Everyone brought yummy snacks!

In class before snack time, I had breakfast, same as yesterday, yogurt with bran cereal. Then at about 1230 it was snack time, I had some melon, pineapple, a vegan chocolate cupcake, and some peanut butter rice crispy squares which I must get the recipe for because they were AMAZING! yum yum. The cookies I made last night turned out alright, taste different than non-vegan ones, but still tasty, and most people said they enjoyed them. I only had time to make one recipe, so I did the pb and choco chips one.

So after class I booked it home in hopes of napping, but I got to reading blogs and saw how active everyone was being, and I new I posted yesterday that I was doing a spin class today, but the school was soo depressing I came home and went for a run. I had taken March off from running, and figured I would start April out right! So I did 5km in 30minutes and walked 600m for a cool down. Wow my shins and hips are killing me, so I did Polly's yoga for runners. Lovely stretch out, and I feel much better. Although the pain in my hips is pretty sever and is worrying me a little, chiropractor visit is definitely needed while I am home for Easter, just to check things out.

Side Note: I have very flat feet, about as flat as they come, and where highly structured orthotics. My knees and ankles turn in, making me pretty severely knock-kneed, as well as I have trouble with my back locking up, and my neck no longer curves (its straight, normal people's curves) causing a lot of pressure on nerves. But, I have been wearing my new orthotics since February, and although they took a while to get used to, I thought my feet had been broken in, but I have been having pretty bad hip pain, not only during physical activities such as ball hockey and running, but while wearing them at work. So, since I am heading home for Easter in about 10 days ish I am going to make an appt. with my chiro to see whats up or if there are some stretches I should be doing.

Anyways, other then hip pain, I am sooo happy I started running again, and am aiming to run 5km at least twice a week. Doesn't seem often but on top of my busy schedule it's all I am going to aim for now, start with small goals right!

The rest of my day consists of eating a ripe granny smith apple and reading my school's weekly paper, then showering up and heading to the boy's house for dinner and a long night of homework (i need a change of scenery or I'm never going to get through my research).

All the school work I have left is:
4P89 essay due April 6th (on page 10 of 10/12, only editing left)
4P51 essay due April 6th (have outline done, reading research, 0/15)
4P89 essay due April 15th (outline done, need more research, 0/10)
2P21 exam April 18th, have not started studying....

Have a good night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!