Monday, March 30, 2009

I am the Worst Blogger

Sorry, I am such a freaking slacker. Life has been so incredibly busy, worked Friday night at the pen, Saturday at the pen, and Saturday night at the bar, and Sunday at the pen. Wow with homework all in between.

So I convinced three of my guy friends/co-workers to watch Twilight with me last night. Ha! Just to say I think they secretly have man crushes, but would never admit it.

After a week of no ball-hockey, finally have a game tomorrow night, tres excited! Can't wait to get out and run around, this end of semester homework thing definitely puts a damper on my motivation to get out and exercise.

Also, Wednesday is my final day of classes, and being a Soc. major we are having a bit of a party during the day which is supposed to be vegan friendly. So if anyone has ideas for any goodies that are vegan friendly, send them over!

As I am in class, and it's my final 'Families' lecture, I should pay attention in hopes for exam hints. I promise to be more dedicated from my blog from now on, and will post the vegan dessert recipe I find tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, information from customs yet,,,,,,still hoping!


  1. oooo a soc party, jealous english students are lame!

  2. geography students used to be cool, but this semester, we all fell apart. its like we moved on and went our separate ways like 3 months ago, there's been no partying lately. oh well, we're getting our work done haha