Saturday, March 21, 2009

Work Day

Well today, my typical Saturday is a work day x 2. I woke up, drove to work at the pen and had a huge bowl of fibre cereal with rasins. Delicious. Work went about as usual, walk, walk, and some more walk with a chicken pita for lunch in between. Now, it's winding down and I'll be off to work at the bar where I will stand, stand, more stand. It's all well and good because tomorrow is starting to look like it will be fabulous. Sleep in a little, ball hockey, dinner with the sis and b/fs x 2, and then a rollerblade to end the day on an active note. Tonight i after the bar is my usual eat-out night, so 24/hr breakfast place here we come.
That's it for now, since I still am at work, I should probably do some!

1 comment:

  1. the cereal sounds delicious, and it sounds like you work too much lol