Monday, March 30, 2009

Second post of the day:) improving!

Hey all,
Well I had a wicked post going, but then accidentally closed it instead of another window,,,, :( tear!

Today I was surprisingly productive for sleeping in until 1pm! Last night was a late one with the boy at our friends house, so sleep in was much needed, friends and work make me tired. So, once up I headed straight for the library. I got so much done! I finished two presentations, and put some finishing touches on an essay and did some research for another essay.

Tonight I presented to my class my final paper, my topic is Social exclusion within the education system due to gender and class. Basically based on hegemonic identities for masculinity and femininity and how they are restricting roles.

And tomorrow morning I present again for another class. This will be my final presentation for my university career, scary! I am presenting on my final paper topic which is the marginalization and coping techniques of women police officers. There is so much research out there I don't even know where to start or how I am going to get through it.

The end of school is near and I might be starting to freak out inside....

Also, my sleeping schedule is off the freaking wall, damn you shift work.

I eat dinner at 11pm, sleeping by 3am hopefully......Anyways dinner tonight consisted of a grilled cheese sandwhich, some veggies, and a little popcorn (which i have leftovers for snack tomorrow)

Yum, popcorn is one of my fav. snacks

mouthwateringly delish!!!!

Anyways, I am off to relax and hopefully sleep soon as my alarm is set for 6:45,,,,,booo to 8am class, although this is my last one! YAY!



  1. mmm, grilled cheese!
    ps I am in the libs not being productive :)

  2. thanks for reminding me to eat lunch! its only 2:09... thats not too late for lunch... lol

  3. I remember . . . I think it was Rebecca C, she used to always bring little baggies of popcorn to school for recess, sometimes even with dill. It was awesome.

  4. unfortunately the boy came over and ate all my left over popcorn, i was sad! But he bought me apples and sweetpotatoes and popsicles so i guess i forgive him......

    -ps bec i haven't even made it to the lib yet and its 4 something, looks like im homeworking from home today