Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I ended up having such a lovely day.
On my way to the gym, after my apple my stomach was still screaming feed me, so I grabbed 4 yogurt covered pretzels to tide me over.

Work out was good! I did:
10mins on the stationary bike for a warm up (burned 75 cals).
Squats (15 with just the bar, 15 with 10 on each side, and 15 with 15 on each side).
Lunges (20lbs, and 20 of them) was going to do more, but I just hate them!
Dead lifts (15 with 30lbs, 30 with 45lbs).
Stair machine (15 mins) then I got bored
Planks (on elbows) 1x45secs, 2x30sec
Side planks (on elbows) each side for 25secs
15 reverse crunches

then lots of stretching!!!!

Bussed home then made this delicious fruit smoothie.

Then showered and made some fish and rice and a lovely salad (Italian green mix, cucumber and carrots, with a little drizzle of baslamic vinagrette!

Sucks, I'm still hungry! Going to wait it out, then maybe have a half a bagle with PB!

I was going to watch Underworl II but the boy stopped by. But i'm heading to a friends have a great night everybody.


  1. That smoothie looks yummy! I've been so in the mood for them lately.

  2. What's in that smoothie?

  3. Handful of frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries)It is presidents 4-berry blend.
    And then some random natural fruit juice and water!

  4. Great Eats! Just found your site and am really liking it! :D