Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you spot the cat?

Hey everybody!
It's almost the weekend! Which I am sure lots of you are looking forward to, but me, well I work all weekend, so oh well I am enjoying the week!

So I woke up today, lounged around. Realized that my roommate and I are having friends over this weekend, and our house is a disaster! She never cleans, ever. Myself on the other hand, a little cleaner. I have become accustomed to the slight cluttered/messyness of student living, but cannot handle visible dirt! So I took a whole half hour and swept the whole house. Next up just going to wipe down all the surfaces, probably only another half hour. So in total, I will have probably spent an hour tidying up to make our house semi-presentable.

Anyone else a little anal on the cleanliness? I am not a neat freak, just can't have other people in my house when it's a disaster.

Other then that, I ate an apple, did 20 minutes of yoga (Polly's yoga for runners and then yoga for triathletes) Felt GREAT!

Now, I am sitting here starving and wondering what to eat. Probably some left over tomato soup and cheese, and not sure what else because I know for sure that will NOT fill me up.

Funny thing, when I woke up, I couldn't find my cat anywhere, but while doing yoga I spotted her!
Can you see her?
No? Here's a closer look.
And a little closer (she's black and blends in) That's my junk chair, it's my project for the day to put everything in a box to be packed, or in it's place if I still need to use it.

Have a great Thursday!

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