Sunday, April 26, 2009

Night out!

Hey Guys,
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I certainly have had a busy one.
So back tracking to yesterday, I worked a super long day 12pm-10pm.
I made a smoothie before work but was out of berry juice, so I used the last of my mixed berries and added peach juice. It was disgusting! I regretted adding peach juice, instead of just buying more red juice. oh well live and learn.
I packed a lunch before I left and headed to work.
When I got there I ate the apple-cinnamon oatmeal I had packed, as well as had a left over slice of pizza from the party the day before.
Work was so-so, we had one arrest, and a couple complaints, nothing out of the norm.
Later on I had chicken and potatoes for dinner, was delish! One of my fav meals seriously, so plain and simple but I just love it.
I bought a few groceries at work, I didn't want to buy anything before I moved, but I can't live without smoothies!
-Frozen berries
-Oasis juice
-Frozen juice (for mixing last night)
-All dressed chips

So while at work, after we locked everything up I decided to do my hair for going out, so I didn't have to do it when I got home! haha.
So this is me, well part of me, getting ready to do my hair in the office bathroom. My uniform makes me look huge! haha!!
So, I i got home a few mins after 10, I may have left a couple mins early and flew home. I poured myself a lovely bacardi and grape punch drink (haha i know sugar overload) then got myself into a dress and sat down with my friends. We munched on all dressed chips and drank our hearts out until it was time to go to the bar. In essence I only had about 4 shots of bacardi in two drinks, and at the bar had 2 shots of tequila. I am a lightweight, plus I don't drink often to begin with.
So we spent the night dancing away, it was great. I even resisted after-bar food! I was sooo proud of myself. I waited till I got home and had a bagel with cream cheese. Filling, yet not greasy fries or burgers or sausages that everyone else got!!!!
So this morning, well afternoon, I woke up a few times, but never got out of bed until 2! Told you I was a lightweight haha. I am not hung over, I am just not energetic. But I had a ball hockey game today at 3, I played so well!!! Had so many chances to score, but just never finished. I hit the post twice, but I did get 3 assists. We won 5-0. We are currently in second place. We only had 3 girls so I didn't get much rest, I love that feeling. I could run sprints around the hockey arena forever!

Anyways now I am home, had a fruit smoothie (same one I have had before in this blog) and then I am going to shower, and have a salad and just relax.

My roommate and a few friends and I are going out for dinner, but not till late so my salad should hopefully tide me over.



  1. "I am not hung over, I am just not energetic."

    Ha, that totally reminds me of the Family Guy quotation - "I'm not drunk. I'm just exhausted from a long night of drinking."

    My mom used to make smoothies really early in the morning, and the awful sound of the blender would always wake me up. It sucked. But man alive did she love them. My luck she'll start making them again now that it's getting warm . . .

  2. If that's what you consider a light weight, then I don't know where I would fall. A feather? I would be face down on the floor with that many drinks!

  3. I agree with Amanda whenever Athena would make smoothies for breakfast I would almost kill her everytime, someone needs to invent a silent blender!

  4. Haha yes a silent blender would be an incredible invention.

    And Kara, in comparrison to my friends and co-workers I'm a huge light weight! We can classify you as a feather weight lol!
    I definitely won't be drinking for a while to come now, it's not my thing so much.

  5. Hey girl! thanks for checking out my blog! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Rest up!

  6. hahaah! i looove being a light weight! you definately dont have to drink as much as most people...meaning...spending MUCH less on alcohol! yayyy!

    looks like you had a fun night!!