Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter :)

Well it has certainly been a jam packed weekend back in my hometown. I believe I left off Friday morning before I went to bed. I didn't get much sleep, about 8am-1pm, then I jumped up and went to my grandparents house with my brother, sisters, and dad. It was fun, lots of catching up and a big spaghetti dinner with meatballs, yum! After that I went back to my mom's, did some homework and got ready for a night on the town!

Around 9ish that night I headed to a childhood friend's house with some other friends from highschool to start our night off. We drank, caught up, and snacked. We headed downtown (to one of a few) bar to see a local band play. It was good fun, saw lots of people whom I have not seen in ages! I took lots of pictures and will post a few when I get back home.

Funny story, I got my younger brother to pick myself, and a few friends up after the bar to drive us all home. And on the way to one of my friends houses we get pulled over. GAH! Poor kid, his first interaction with the police (he's 17), but luckily they were just doing random spot checks.

So, Saturday I woke up with a slight headache, I'm knocking this one up to dehydration though! Went out for an early lunch with siblings, dad and grandparents. It was delicious, a little too greasy, but still a good morning almost* hungover breakfast. I had ww toast with over-easy eggs and a had a few homefries.

After lunch I went to my friend Bec's with the intentions of going for a run, well it took us about an hour but her, her sister and I all got 6km under our belt. It felt awesome to get out there, and work off the liquid calories. We all went back to their house and helped decorate cupcakes! Yum, we may have also snacked on a few...soo good. You'll have to bug her for the recipe!

Saturday night, I went back to Bec's after dinner and homework for another little pre-drink then we hit up the other bar in town for a bit for a little bit of dancing and catching up. Good times, then of course we went to Subway. Renfrew tradition apparently, I then walked my pretty sobre butt home and went right to bed.

So my Easter day was delightful! Spent it at my mom's with the fam! We all woke up and had little baskets waiting for us, so cute! Little chocolate and a little candy. We then had a big ham, potatoe, veggie, and homemade bread dinner! WOW I love homecooking! Especially when I didn't cook it. And dessert was two of my favs!!! Cheesecake and carrot cake, woa! I definitely had a small sliver of each.

Other then that being home has been alright, I love catching up, but I can't wait to get back to my home and my bed, plus as hard as I try I don't seem to get enough homework done here :S yikes! Essay due Wednesday, will finish researching tomorrow and write all Tuesday night. I'm heading back home tomorrow night, so will update everyone with pictures Tues or Wed.

hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

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  1. Hope you have a safe drive back to school!