Monday, April 27, 2009

Week of Midnights :(

Hey guys,
So I left you off Sunday evening. My roommate, her boy, our friend, and my boy all went out for dinner as it was one of her last nights!!! It was a cute place called Cat's Caboose. They have a $5.00 menu on Sunday's, but you have to buy a drink. So it still works out to be cheaper than usual because their portion sizes don't change with the price. So I ordered the chicken cesar wrap with buffalo chips and a 7-up. OMG delicious. I had only planned on eating half of the wrap, but when it finally got to the table and in my mouth I had to eat it all.

I took no picture because they would all think I was nuts. But after dinner I headed home to relax before work. Last night went well, just soo long. While at work I ate half a chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce and a pear. Around 6am I made myself eat cheese and crackers because if I don't eat I always wake up with wicked hunger pains in the middle of the morning.

So I got home 730am ish and hit my bed, but couldn't sleep until almost 9, gah! And go figure I still woke up with wicked hunger pains at noon, I ate a nutrigrain bar, drank some water, but for the life of me could NOT fall back asleep... :( I was so sad. So all day I packed!!!

I eventually took a break from packing and made breakfast. 3 scrambelled eggs and 2 pieces of ww toast with jam!
YUMMY, then I spent the rest of the day packing. I then had a fruit smoothie before ball hockey. Ball hockey as always was awesome, but my hip and knee pain has come back with a vengeance! I almost want to cry it hurts to much. The muscles of my upper butt and surounding my hip joint are swollen, and rather than a sore muscle pain they feel like burning! And the back of my knee feels like something is pinching I can't bend or extend, or lift without mega pain. So hopefully this all goes away soon!

After ball hockey I made dinner.....trying to get rid of all my food as a I move Friday!!!!

I ended up having steak (left over from dinner at the boys the other day) and some sidekicks, and a salad!
(picture got deleted at work)
Then I showered, made the peanut butter squares featured on Bec's blog (1c pb, 1/2 sugar, 1 egg & chocolate chips)

and sat around...and then biked the 2km to work. Now I am at work wishing I was sleeping, so tired. Shift work will be the death of my body, lol!

Anyways since I should probably go be productive, I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I will be back tomorrow (hopefully after more sleep)


-I meant to post this while at work, but for some reason I couldn't get the pictures working, and I lost one. So, now it is 0724hrs and I am just getting home, it was a nice bike ride, but really windy!
I am going to go shower, make and eat a bagel and then put myself to sleep a la Twilight:)


  1. Good luck with moving! That is exciting!!

  2. I used to work third shift and it would mess with my body like crazy. I think I got sick for the first 2 weeks that I worked.

    Hope you got all the sleep you needed!

  3. Toast is like my new thing i never use to eat it unless it had a ton of sugar lol but jam an jelly is sooo much better.. good luck with the move hun

  4. uhhh crazy, crazy girl! go get some sleep! good luck with your move!!!

  5. thanks guys!
    I'm excited to move, a house to myself for the summer, and then I move again to an unknown location lol!

  6. ah I love toast, cannot wait to have a toasted oven once I'm home for summer!!! Right now I have to awkwardly use the downstairs one in my dorm!! haha!!

    good luck with the move!

  7. hope your butt feels better soon!