Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh My Thursday!

Hey everyone,

So I left off last night when I went to the boys to get some work done. Well gladly I was pretty productive there. I worked solidly from 6pm until 12am. He made me pasta for dinner around 5:30, which was yummy. Then I got straight to business. At 12ish we headed to a friends and watched Religulous. Don't want to offend those out there who are religious or not, so am keep my opinions to myself, but it was an interesting take of a movie.

So I got home around 530am last night (or should I say morning) and passed right out and woke up today around 2.

So I hope you all had a lovely Thursday, it was gorgeous here! About +17! Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the lovely weather. I woke up today, and where did I go?!?! The LIBRARY! As if it wasn't obvious that the library is now where I spend my life. So I packed a lunch and got the boy to drop me off before he went home, so nice of him. Upon arrival I snacked on a granola bar and a pb and honey sandwich on ww. YUM!

Then I homeworked for a good 4 hrs before heading to my sisters (who lives on campus) for a little break where her and I snacked on some kielbasa, cheese, and crackers. Then around 8 I walked home and parked my butt on the couch and got back down to work. And the couch is where I remained until my roomie talked me into going to McDonalds with her, now, it has been a forever and some more since I have eaten McDonalds, so I caved. We walked about a km and a bit to the nearest one and ate it, but on the walk home and now I am paying for it, oh my, my tummy is mad.

This is why I rarely eat junk, it just does not make you feel good, more lathargic than energized. Oh well now that I am home I will remain on the couch doing homework for another hour or so, that's about all that I have left in me, where I plan to crash, as I have an early morning ahead of me.

I was sad today though, I usually play pick-up ice hockey with some guys from work, but today it was cancelled. I feel a little deprived of it. Oh well I will just have to try and fit something fun in tomorrow, as I find it very difficult to exercise while on midnights, plus it's crunch time for my two essays due Monday. So it looks like the bike to and from work might be all I'll get Saturday and Sunday.

Anyways, I just need to keep positive and productive and my essays will eventually be done and then I can breath, for a bit anyways. So back to homeworking I go.

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

ps. I didn't take pictures, one because I ate pretty boring today, and I didn't want everyone in the library staring at the girl who takes pictures of her food!

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