Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday.... :|

Well it is Friday. Normally I would be ecstatic because it is the beginning of the weekend, but not today. It seems I don't get a break this week.

Today I slept in, it was lovely, I had about 8 full hours of sleep, and I feel wonderful. But, I hope that is enough to get me through this busy weekend.

Plan for today is finish summarizing my research, and get everything organized, then write out a plan for my essay. I have to take my sister to pick her friends up at the train station tonight around 7:30, and then she wants us all to go out for dinner...I'm not sure if I feel like going out tonight, or would just rather cook for them. We shall see. Then I start work at 11pm until 7am, where hopefully I can get a few paragraphs of my essay written (fingers crossed). Then Saturday, I hopefully will sleep until 2pm, and then Niagara Falls with the sister, the boy, and friends. Just for a little walk around, then back to my house where I'll cook them dinner and then hopefully get a little more work done on my essay before heading back to work 11pm -7am, where I'm praying I get more written. Then Sunday I'll sleep till 2ish I hope, ball hockey at 4, then dinner with the sis and friends and work on my essay all night, and it is due Monday, April 6th at 4:30pm.

I CAN DO IT!!!! that statement is going through my head constantly to keep me grounded and semi-focused.

Although, I am quite excited to see my sister's friends, I grew up with them as well they are just a year and a little younger, should be a fun weekend.

well, I think it's about time I stop procrastonating and get back to the research, and make some food, haven't eaten yet, totally forgot too. I'm hoping the rain disappears and it turns into a bright day! ha!

Will be back again later,
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the advice/comment! I may have to steal your "I can do it motto!" Let's get through this weekend/week in one piece! lol Good luck! ;)