Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy Again :(

Hey everyone,
Hope your Tuesday is rockin'.

Before I get onto today, I'll update everyone on yesterday.

So Monday, not always a bad day, but blah! When it's pouring rain, and cloudy, and dark, I never want to get out of bed. But I got up, made the boy get up, then we went and picked my sister up in her res and headed to his house. We had a late lunch there of tortellini and pesto sauce, yum! Not photographed, sorry, didn't bring camera to his house.

After that, my sister and I headed to the mall for shopping!!!!
It was great, we didn't shop for long, but it was much needed retail therapy. I bought a couple summer dress and a few tanks. Just a little to update my non-existent summer wardrobe.

At the mall my sister and I grabbed a sub from Subway, we were starving! All that walking around and trying things definitely works up one's appetite.

So after shopping, we ate the subs at my house then I drove her back to res. I was about to settle in for a night of relaxing when my cell phone started going crazy! Text from the boy begging for study help, of course I caved and went over to help him. But then a few different friends were having people over to celebrate school being over and such. So I went to the boys for a bit, helped him out, then went to a friends and then to a bar called Chilli Pepper. Bar was fun, saw a few friends, had 1 beer and 1 mixed drink and then headed home.

At home I got all ready for bed, was watching tv and about to pass out. The darn boy calls and can't sleep so he's coming over. He can't sleep,,,,but what about me?!! Haha, I was ALMOST asleep. Oh well, he came over, we talked, well he talked I mumbled in my half asleep state. Then eventually I think I passed out and he did, well I am not sure what he did.

So, today I woke up and didn't do much. Fumbled around the house, picked some things up, packed a few things, threw a few things out and such. I snacked on a Kashi cherry and chocolate chip bar. Then, I went to the bookstore to sell back a few books. JEEPERS! Buying books in university is such a rip off! GAH! I sold back about 7 books and only got $58.00. Sucks when I spent at least $300.00 on those books. Not to mention they didn't buy back 6 of my other books I wanted to sell. I am keeping a few books, but wanted to sell some of my elective ones.

So, I reeeeeeally wanted a fruit smoothie, but my roommate must have packed her magic bullet or something, I can't find it, and she's napping so I can't ask. Maybe my sister will lend me hers for the summer so I don't go in withdrawal. So, since I can't have a fruit smoothie, I snacked on a piece of frozen chocolate bunny (all solid easter bunnies I get, I break into pieces and freeze),
and now am off to have a left over hamburger.

I will be back later on most likely, am going to do NOTHING all day, well relax, nap, watch TV since it's so crappy out, then I have ball hockey game later tonight followed by a ton of yoga because my muscles are soooo tight, yikes.

Side note:
I'll leave you with a few pictures of my adorable cat! Everytime I am blogging or reading, she is always cuddling!

Also, when I came home from work Saturday night, I was met with this little guy outside of my door. After I screamed a little, I took a picture haha!



  1. omg what is that in your recycling bin???
    ps I am home it is lame but luckily I am only here for less then 24 hours!