Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day!

Hey guys,
How was everyone's hump day?
Mine was good, I slept until 2ish today. Sleeping during the day is never a very good sleep, but at least I got about 6 hrs!
So, when I woke up I moved from my bed to the couch, HA! I spent the afternoon reading your blogs and surfing the net. I also had a lovely phone call from my mom! She misses me, I miss her too, a trip home is needed soon!

Anyways, for lunch(?) early dinner I had a grilled cheese sandwich! YUM! along with a piece of cheese and two cookies I had made a few days ago.
Then I went to the boys, I realized I am pretty much out of food, and I was bored.

So I drove there, usually takes about 20minutes. But, the only way to get there (Niagara on the Lake) is to cross one of two bridges. You have to drive over the canal (Welland) where big boats are always passing through. I got stuck at the bridge, it was up and a big boat was going through. It is always neat to see, these boats are huge and seriously only have like a foot of room on each side, but this added 20 minutes to my trip. Oh well!!
The boy made me cheese tortelini, omg it was soooo good.
Salad on the side:
Later on I snacked on a banana and we shared some popcorn. (may or may not have eaten it before I remembered to snap pictures)
We just hung out for the night, talked and watched T.V. Then I headed to a friends around 1am and am now home (3am). I am trying to maintain my midnight schedule as I do go back in tomorrow night (not that I am even tired anyways).

So hope everyone is making fun plans for the weekend, I need to spend tomorrow packing every little last detail of my house :S!!! And I found out that I can move my stuff in Friday, but I can't stay there because they are having the house professionally cleaned (sweet) on Saturday. But that leaves me homeless for the night, good thing the boy was like obvi you can stay at my place (his parents). I don't usually stay there, respecting parents wishes and such, but they made an exception in this case.

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  1. Probably smart to keep the midnight schedule. When I did it, I tried to be up on my days off. Sometimes it worked, others it was a disaster!

  2. Hey girl!

    My humpday went well. Thanks for asking. ;P

    Grilled cheese is totally yum. I always eat mine open face so it lasts longer!

    Have a good day sweetie!

    With Love,


  3. Hey girl! GRILLED CHEESE?! Childhood fave right there! Brings back good memories ;)

    Hope your day went well, and tomorrow is FRIDAY! Finally, right?!

    Ooh I love the boats :) must be so neat to be able to drive over those bridges a lot. I totally would've been snapping pictures as well, haha! I focus on all the wrong things while in my car :P

    Have a lovely evening!

    Love, Meg

  4. i dont know how you do it girl! i need my sleeppppyyys!!!! but i can definately understand needing to keep the schedule normalized.

    looks like you had a fun night with the boy - so are you two 'dating' or 'together' or 'boyfriend/girlfriend' or what?!! haha. i always read about 'the boy'...but what exactly is he? :) sorry, im nosey :)