Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally at the Rents

Well, I can't remember at all where I left you last really....I have been sooo busy.
So some good news, at work I start full-time in two weeks (exactly the time I'll be done school) and got a raise, so at least I will be an employed university graduate. Some relief there.

Otherwise, Wednesday was spent researching for the afternoon then I work 1500-2300hrs, and then my roommate and I had some friends over that night. We hit up a local bar and I had wayyyy too many rum and pineapple night, the boy picked me up and I can't quite remember all the details between the pick up, food, and bed. All I know is I snacked on munchies, mainly chips and salsa, yum! And a big poutine after. But all is well. Thursday I woke up at 1300, re-hydrated and hammered out some research, packed, and worked 1700-0100hrs. After work I whipped home, fed the cat, grabbed my stuff, my sister and hit the road. It is now 0705hrs and I am finally home sweet home and ready to pass out for a quick nap before the Easter festivities.
Foodage these past few days included a few fruit smoothies, granola bars, dark chocolate m&ms, chippies and salsa, ww pasta and tomatoe sauce (x 2), oatmeal (duh), oranges and grapefruit and baby carrots!

I'm off to shower and nap before heading to the g-parents for visit and dinner, then hitting up a bar with some close friends! Finally!!!!

pictures soon to come of my adventures in the ottawa valley!


  1. Come see Hannah Montanna with beans and I

  2. Jeeze! busy girl!!!