Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horray For April

April showers bring May flowers...right? Well I sure hope so, with all this rain we've been getting here, May better be glorious. So, as you can tell when I woke up today and looked outside it was pouring rain! Terrible. So I trudged to school all dreary and groggy. Although when I got to school I remembered yay, two things, last class in university ever, and it was party day! Everyone brought yummy snacks!

In class before snack time, I had breakfast, same as yesterday, yogurt with bran cereal. Then at about 1230 it was snack time, I had some melon, pineapple, a vegan chocolate cupcake, and some peanut butter rice crispy squares which I must get the recipe for because they were AMAZING! yum yum. The cookies I made last night turned out alright, taste different than non-vegan ones, but still tasty, and most people said they enjoyed them. I only had time to make one recipe, so I did the pb and choco chips one.

So after class I booked it home in hopes of napping, but I got to reading blogs and saw how active everyone was being, and I new I posted yesterday that I was doing a spin class today, but the school was soo depressing I came home and went for a run. I had taken March off from running, and figured I would start April out right! So I did 5km in 30minutes and walked 600m for a cool down. Wow my shins and hips are killing me, so I did Polly's yoga for runners. Lovely stretch out, and I feel much better. Although the pain in my hips is pretty sever and is worrying me a little, chiropractor visit is definitely needed while I am home for Easter, just to check things out.

Side Note: I have very flat feet, about as flat as they come, and where highly structured orthotics. My knees and ankles turn in, making me pretty severely knock-kneed, as well as I have trouble with my back locking up, and my neck no longer curves (its straight, normal people's curves) causing a lot of pressure on nerves. But, I have been wearing my new orthotics since February, and although they took a while to get used to, I thought my feet had been broken in, but I have been having pretty bad hip pain, not only during physical activities such as ball hockey and running, but while wearing them at work. So, since I am heading home for Easter in about 10 days ish I am going to make an appt. with my chiro to see whats up or if there are some stretches I should be doing.

Anyways, other then hip pain, I am sooo happy I started running again, and am aiming to run 5km at least twice a week. Doesn't seem often but on top of my busy schedule it's all I am going to aim for now, start with small goals right!

The rest of my day consists of eating a ripe granny smith apple and reading my school's weekly paper, then showering up and heading to the boy's house for dinner and a long night of homework (i need a change of scenery or I'm never going to get through my research).

All the school work I have left is:
4P89 essay due April 6th (on page 10 of 10/12, only editing left)
4P51 essay due April 6th (have outline done, reading research, 0/15)
4P89 essay due April 15th (outline done, need more research, 0/10)
2P21 exam April 18th, have not started studying....

Have a good night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. glad the cookies worked ok, they definitely have a different taste, but I really want to try that other recipe too!