Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jam Packed Days

Well, sorry I have blogged since Saturday! OOPPS! I totally forgot to keep blogging.

Well Sunday morning I would have gotten off work at 7am, I then totally crashed until 2pm. Then I got up, and went to Ball Hockey! I love ball hockey, we won :) and I scored a goal :) It was a sweet game, a big 2-0 win!!! Although I was tripped and cut my knee up, the bruise just keeps getting more and more blue, yuk. After ball hockey, I came home, showered, made a fruit and juice smoothie and drove to the boy's house. Upon arrival his lovely mother had dinner waiting, what a lovely surprise! I was a chicken and veggie stir fry, it was sooo yum! Then I got down to business at about 6pm. I set myself all up at his desk and started working away. I got soooo much work done! I was so proud. That night myself, the boy, and two of our friends from work all went to the 10:20 show and saw the new Fast and the Furious. It was pretty decent, had a much better plot than all the other ones! At the theatre I got popcorn, I LOVE theatre popcorn. Looking back now, I really didn't seem to eat much that day! Wow, I know I snacked on an orange somewhere in there, but I guess working all night really messes with my schedule in all sorts of ways, appetite being a major one.

Monday, was a dreadful day weather wise, snow, rain, yuk! But I woke up around 11am, got my essay all finished up, and then my roommate and I traded and edited each others. So that took a while, and at 4pm I handed in both papers! Wow, was that ever a load off of my shoulders, one 15pager and one 12pager, jeesh. For the rest of Monday, I had a wicked headache, thus I watched 7 pounds with Will Smith, and just lounged! It felt great. I had a snack of 3 dill pickles, a popsicle and green tea.

Around 11pm I perked up a bit (i know I have the weirdest sleeping habits) and the boy and I went to a friends. We ended up watching Role Models at our friends. What a hilarious movie, not a real brainy movie, just dumb fun. Then home to bed we were around 5am.

Now onto today, my knees are killing me! Wow, ball hockey must have done a number. I don't even know what the part of my knee that hurts is called. It's just in the back of my knee, bending, moving, walking, ouch! So much for my planned run today. The rain/snow mess had let up and it was about -1 so I thought i would head out for a run before work, but nope I could barely walk. I did some yoga (about 30 mins) to try and stretch it out, but did not help at all. Oh well, today after I woke up I had to go to work at the mall.

We had a staff meeting/training day. The meeting was boring, didn't discuss anything too important, but they did feed us pizza and wings, exactly what I needed (not). Then we did scenario training. We discussed what we would/should do if there were a bomb threat/flood/hurricane/gunman/earthquake/etc. Our main focus was on fires, as that is the most likely to occurs, so we spent about an hour running around the mall (mostly the underground part where there are no customers) pulling fire alarms and finding the location via computer and reseting them. So that lasted about 5 hrs. I then stocked up on febreeze and face moisturizer from the grocery store and came home.

I made my sister some food, because she lives in residence and has a meal plan, but she is out of money. So I brought her a hamburder, some pancakes, and about 2-3 servings of pasta. She only has to survive until Thursday, when we head to our home town for easter.

So I just finished snacking on some yogurt and an orange....side note i really want to try greek yogurt everyone talks about....now I am going to relax and watch some tv, maybe pack or get a little research done for my next paper...who knows!

I now know never to go so long without blogging, as it's always a heffer of a post when I return! I'm hoping my knee is better because I work tomorrow! Tomorrow will consist of upper and ab yoga and then work. Thursday I am hopefully going to a spin class rather than a run, and then i'm praying my knee is better for the weekend so I can run and Bec can kick my butt back into running shape!

I will blog tomorrow! hopefully! and will be back on track with food blogging pictures and ideas and hopefully my eating habits will be back on track.


  1. running is a must, no matter what! we should try to run at least twice!!!

  2. you have the magic bullet? sweet! does it work well?