Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hope everyone's "hump day" is going quickly!
Mine is going well, I have done pretty much nothing!! But before I get onto today, I'll finish up yesterday.

I ended up heating up left over hamburger for the boy and I yesterday afternoon (late).
They were delicious. His mom makes them and freezes them for me, so nice:). We also snack on some fresh strawberries!

So, he and I hung out in the livingroom watching some mindless T.V. for about 45 minutes before my mom and sister stopped by. My mom drove down to pick my sister up because she is going home for the summer. It was a good visit, but much to short! So I think the boy and I will be making a trip up north sometime soonish.

So, after my mother and sister got back on the road, the boy and I were heading to his house so he could study some more. But, before I could leave I found the mysteriously hidden magic bullet and made a fruit smoothie!!!!! YUM! I added frozen berries (black, rasp, blue, and straw) and some fruit juice. OMG, I love fruit smoothies.

So, when we got to his house, his mom fed us some chicken and potatoe wedges. YUM! I wasn't that hungry so I didn't eat very many.

Then he studied a little, but not for long. We ended up watching Rocky IV. My boy LOVES these movies, not for the boxing part, but for the life lesson parts, so he says. I don't mind them, this one was probably my fav. so far. During the movie I snack on two cookies.
Mindless snacking but they were so good!

Eventually he studied some more and I watched online tv and snack on a bowl of popcorn. :)
Ball hockey rocked, as usual. Played a slightly aggressive team, I got smoked from behind, my back hurts today, but oh well part of them game. We won 5-0, I didn't score but got a few assits.

After hockey, I went back to the boys (I had his car) and then we headed to my house. I showered and the boy had a friend over. We all had a good chat, it was nice to catch up. I snacked on some tomato soup with left over tortellini noodles mixed in.
Good and filling for the rest of the night. To finish the night off we watched some TV, did nothing special and went to bed.

So, today! The weather sucks, again! Oh well. I woke up around noon, my goal of sleeping in was successful. I snacked on a handful of dark chocolate m&m's and half a bagle with strawberry cream cheese.

After I headed back to my bed and watched Underworld. I really enjoy that movie. So now, I just snacked on an apple and another small handful of m&m's and am getting ready to head to the gym.
Going to hammer out a lower body workout, half hour on the step machine (never tried it before) . I forgot my new orthotics at work, so I can't run. Going to try new cardio endeavours today and pick up my orthotics tomorrow I think.

All day I am running through ideas to use up all the food left in my house before I move May 1, but I am getting all excited to bu and try new foods! Going to try and incorporate more greens (kale, spinach) oats, and veggies into my diet. But I don't have the grocery budget and or room until I move so, using up what i got and when I move man do I have a monster grocery list!
Excited :)

Anyways, gotta catch the bus to the gym!


  1. Sometimes mindless snacking is the best, though :)

  2. wow. you ate so many good things. i'm jealous!

  3. Im the same way I try my best to come up with stuff with whats left in the fridge before I go shopping but lol mines just because i finally give up on my procrastination