Friday, April 24, 2009


OMG the weather is gorgeous! WOW!
It was amazing today, I walked outside to check the temp and ran in to find summer clothes!!!
So, today I had to go to a 'going away' lunch at work. Two of the guys got hired with two different police services. YAY for them. They served pizza, wings, and cake. Oh god, haha not good food, but sooo tasty. I had two small pieces of pizza and a few wings with carrots and celery on the side.

I got to wear a cute denim skirt, tank and cardigan! Loved this weather today.

After the lunch I head to the boy's house. We hung out for the afternoon, then made a delicious summer dinner. We bbq'd steak, shrimp, and made sweet potato fries. It was sooo good!
I regret not having a salad a little, but oh well I'll make up for it tomorrow.
Check out the boy's fat cat Furball, haha!
Tonight I decided just to stay in. I packed a little here and there, I should do some laundry but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do that. I baked chocolate chip cookies (the light version)
they are yummy but I am glad we're having ppl over tomorrow or else I would devour them all myself!!! Thus I am snack on baby carrots as a snack instead of more cookies.
Anyways, I'm off for a little late night rollerblade before I crash!

Anyone have good weekend plans?

I work tomorrow 12-10, then heading out for a night on the town with friends, Sunday ball hockey, then I work midnights Sun. night until Thurs haha!

Have a great weekend!


  1. hey! i got the knee brace online through amazon. it's called a cho pat knee brace and is a strip with velcro on the back that goes around your knee.

    hope this helps!

  2. i am LOOOOVING the beautiful weather outside! i cant get enough of it!!! its SOOO nice!!!

    hope you have a fun night tonight!!!

  3. Lovin' the shrimp on the barbie! Summer is so so close!!!!

  4. hey girl! i changed my blog address!! not sure if it will automatically switch over in the blogroll links or not - but it is

    love you!

  5. mmm chocolate chip cookies!