Thursday, April 16, 2009

So close I can see the end

Hey all...
So I am exhausted, but can see the end of my university career so also very excited!
I handed in my final paper ever yesterday morning at 8:30...yes, that mean I stayed up all night writing it. Which is ok, because I think it turned out great!

All night I snacked on oranges and oatmeal cookies! So around 9am Wednesday I crashed until 2pm. I slowly dragged myself outta bed, and made some delish apple cinnamon oatmeal! Yum, love it. Then I headed to work.

While at work, I ate some nutrigrain bars, left over chicken parm sandwich from dinner the night before, and a few easter treats. Sad thing is, I went to bed Wed. morn a little stuffy and woke up worse! I was getting progressively worse while at work, it was terrible. All shift I just wanted to go to sleep. So when I got off work at 11, I came straight home, popped some advil cold and sinus and put some pj's on and got into bed. I couldn't sleep! OH NO! Terrible, so I re-read the third Twilight book (in love) and around 4am I drank neocitrine and had some more apple cinnamon oatmeal, and eventually passed out.

So, now it's Thursday I woke up at noon, and wish I could sleep more. Its gorgeous outside and I think a little walk might help, but I have no voice, stuffy face, and a headache,,,gah!

So I'm eating a nutrigrain bar and resting. Soon I'll make a more substantial meal and walk to the library to study since my exam is Saturday.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I don't take them when at work, and have been eating from my bed since my body's so tired.

But tomorrow I look forward to ball hockey (maybe I can run the sickness out?!?!?!) and then my final university exam Saturday!!! home free so soon! yay!

A little news, I start full-time at my security job in a week Sunday. I work my last part-time shift this Sunday and get a whole week off to relax, run, celebrate! I am so happy I got full-time, eases the financial nerves a little while I start taking the police tests and preparing my self for the hardest interviews of my life!

Anyways, off for a quick nap before the library!
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, only one more day till the weekend!


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you liked the gift idea. :-)

  2. YAYYYY for freedom! IM a little bit jealous!!!

    Hope you start feeling better soon!!!