Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am no longer MIA! I am FREE!!!!!! So I left everyone off Thursday afternoon, well after that I hit up the library and then came home and crashed. Friday I fiddled around, studied some, and had ball hockey! We won! 2-0! It rocked, I love it. But, my knees have been shot ever since. So a little break from running on hard ground is in need I believe. Saturday I had my last exam ever. It went so-so. But I am done university, and cannot wait until graduation (June 11).

After my exam Saturday, I had to work 1-9 at the mall, then 10-3 at the bar. Catch is, Friday night I did NOT sleep at all! It was terrible, I was studying, reading, tried to go to bed after hockey around 1230 but could not sleep. So, I read my notes, read a book, and nothing. The boy came over around 430am and I wasn't tired at all, so we talked till he fell asleep, then it was 6:20 and my alarm was going off in 20minutes, SO! I just stayed up. I wrote my exam, came home got my work stuff and headed from one job to the next utterly exhausted!

After work Saturday (which was eventful) some of the guys from work came over and didn't leave until like 5am! I was just sooo tired by then. I crashed and didn't move all night lol!

Now today, I work 12-8 and it was the slowest day of life. Nothing happened! Which was kind of nice since I was still so tired. so tonight I am going to tidy a little, detox my things in preparation to move, and just veg on the couch!

I am too tired to write more, so tomorrow I will be back with a vengeance of food and exercise and life!


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  1. dang girl! much more of a night person than i am! i usually have to be in bed and asleep my 10 or ill sleep until noon the next day!!

    get some rest!!!