Saturday, April 4, 2009

Midnights Midnights

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Mine has been going smoothly. I worked last night 11-7 and not a thing went wrong! Perfect. While at work (sorry no pics) I snacked on some pineapple and fibre cereal. Then crashed this morning from 8-1230. Then I got up and made a big brunch for myself, my sister and our two friends. Consisted of pancakes (flour, soy milk, 1 egg, oil, and baking powder), bacon and sausage. It was so nice and filling, I even brought some to the boy.

I spent the afternoon at the boy's house. He dabbled on his computer all day, while I stared at my laptop at a loss for words, (so unusual of me). I eventually got just over 700 words written and a solid outline for my paper which hopefully I will get to about 2000 words tonight, and then implement quotes tomorrow and edit Monday. I find if I stick to a plan, and take breaks often I will get things done. I'm a fast worker when I'm in a groove but my attention span is not long.

While at the boys I snacked on an orange, and that's where I had my breakfast (a pancake, 2 sausages, and 2 pieces of bacon) with him.

Also, I watched Marley and Me as one of my breaks. WOW. I definitely cried...but I'm a suck for sappy movies, usually the only time you'll catch me crying. Reccomend this movie, but just so you know you're in for a sappy one.

So, now I am back at work 11-7, thus far it has been an extremely busy evening! WOW! The grocery store in the mall had a huge fire alam, 8 fire trucks, a commander all showed up and I was like uhhhh....crap! The grocery store has been having an alarm malfunction, and it just happened to go off again tonight, rats. At least it made the first 2 hrs of my shift fly by. Then when I came back to the office, I witness the police arrest 2 ppl at the bar that is also attatched to the mall! Talk about a busy start! The bar is having some party tonight (drink the pub dry) so I imagine it is only going to get busier with time.

Oh well, my plan is to finish my duties and hopefully get some more essay written. I'm sooo tired, but that's ok, I only have 5.5 hrs left to go :S....haha maybe my essay will keep me awake.

Anyways, off to do some real work now.
Hope everyone has a wicked end to their weekend and will try to post a brief one tomorrow!

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